🔥TAKE BABY STEPS🔥 - 🙉God damn Adam, not another video of the same old boring and repetitive content, telling me I need to be patient and be consistent! - 😂YEP, so buckle in and listen up! - 🤖While you might be thinking of just swiping past, the world still continues to buy into the idea that there is some sort of miracle cure or short cut to fat loss. Until I stop getting questions asking for a short cut, I’m going to keep talking the boring truth. - ☘️While it is normally patience and consistency that I am talking about, another major factor to seeing you ultimately reach your goals is to take baby steps. - 🥊When your mindset isn’t in the “6 weeks to shred” mentality, this makes total sense. Don’t make your journey an ALL or NOTHING scenario that either has you totally committed or doing nothing at all. - 🧘🏻‍♂️Think of one small thing you can change today that will start making a difference to your overall health and well-being. Maybe you decide to walk to work or get up an hour earlier to prepare your lunch or maybe you will commit to drinking more water. - ⛄️Whatever it is, just start doing something, ANYTHING at all that will take you one step forwards from where you were yesterday. - 💡It is GUARANTEED you are going to mess up and fall off the wagon at some point along the way. Just get right back on, start again and take that one small step over and over again until you reach your goals. - ❓What small step are you going to take today, share with everyone below❓ - 🙋🏻‍♂️I’m going to FINALLY start my new podcast and put out a podcast at least once a week!
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Workout #1 in the bag!!! I HOPE EVERY ONE GOT IT IN!!! #FITLIFE!!!
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Por mucho que pongamos excusas o pensemos que no hay tiempo, es engañarse a uno mismo, todo es empezar no hay prisas.#gym#gymhome#fit#fitness#fitlife#sports#deporte#vidasana#salud#motivacion#motivation#healthylife#eltontoencasa
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Godmorgen fra os ❤️⛄️❄️
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Refeed day pre workout breakfast! Brownies and chicken burger planned for later 😄
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It starts with you!
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