Polygraph tests taken in 2011 by Stormy Daniels and her ex-husband Michael Mosney support Daniels accounts that she had unprotected sex with President Trump in July 2006, according to a reportTuesday. A polygraph examiner specifically asked Daniels in 2011 if she had "unprotected sex" with Trump in July of 2006. According to records published by the Wall Street Journal, Daniels was truthful when she answered "yes."
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A law student at the University of Exeter has seen a job offer yanked off the table after a fellow student exposed racist and vile comments he and other classmates made in a group chat. With BBC News reporting the university is investigating multiple students for posting what were described as “vile, deplorable” racist comments from a private students’ WhatsApp group, the Tab reports that one law student has been informed that a job offer has been withdrawn due to his comments –including one calling rape “funny.”
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