The haul from champs! Massive thanks to all the teams, sponsors, and suppliers that handed out buttons, stickers, and other cool stuffs! Also thanks to @frc973, @3128aluminarwhals, and @first_official_ for the awesome T-shirts #omgrobots #firstinspires #firstrobotics #firstchamp #firstinca
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There we go, my shirt is now up to date! 😁 #omgrobots #firstinspires #firstrobotics #firstchamp #firstinca
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The last day of the @first_official_ Championship in Houston was EPIC! . Nail-bitting final matches, special guests, the 2020 #FIRSTrise theme reveal, laughter, dancing, inspiration and a marvelous fireworks show. . We are so proud of the 116 FIRST teams from California who brought their A game to compete, collaborate, have fun and make memories with the other 15,000 students from around the world. . 🏆 Congratulations to the following California teams, students and volunteers who are bringing home a huge amount of impressive awards. ⭐️ Volunteer of the Year Award - Jill Wilker from Fremont. . ⭐️ Dean's List Winners - Jacob Rodriguez, @frc4322 from Orange County; Divya Satrawada, @mvrt115 from Cupertino; Emily Miner @nanonerds from Folsom. . ☆FIRST ROBOTICS COMPETITION ☆. . ⭐️All California Winning Alliance!!! @frc@frc973 from Atascadero; @frc@frc@frc1323 from Madera; @iro@ironpanthers from Burlingame; @tea@team_4201 from El Segundo. . ⭐️Finalists: @tea@tea@tea@team254 from San Jose. . ⭐️Subdivision Winners: @team254 from San Jose; @frc@frc1678 from Davis; @frc@frc971 from Mountain View; @frc973 from Atascadero; @frc1323 from Madera; @ironpanthers from Burlingame; @team_4201 from El Segundo, @team254 from San Jose. . ⭐️Entrepreneurship Award: @frc1678 from Davis. . ⭐️Excellence in Engineering Award: @firstteam846 from San Jose; @frc971 from Mountain View. . ⭐️Gracious Professionalism® Award: @eagleforce2073 from Elk Grove; @ellipse6814 from Santa Rosa. . ⭐️Imagery Award: @spyder1622 from San Diego. . ⭐️Industrial Design Award: @frc1323 from Madera; @team254 from San Jose. . ⭐️Safety Award: @frc3250 from Sacramento. . ⭐️ Quality Award: @frc3476 from Irvine. . ⭐️ Highest Rookie Seed: @frontier_robotics7887 from Camarillo. . 👇🏼More awards continued in comments below👇🏼
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5 1/2 days 1 unique robot (STELLA!) 😘 24 brilliant students 9 fearless mentors 2 pairs of head bobbles (originals ended up on Don Bossi!!!!!) 1 very tired, but very lucky me 🤖 #lifeisgood #thisisusthisis589 #unforgettable #gorobots #firstinca
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After a long 4 days filled with blood, sweat, and tears Code Orange’s run at the Houston Championships has come to an end. We were able to win the Hopper-Turing Division Quality Award, and although we were eliminated in quarter finals we had a great time. Thanks to our alliance partners as well as all of the parents and mentors who helped make this possible. #omgrobots #frc#frc #firstinCA #frc #GP
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Day well spent at the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas to wind down after the extraordinary Championship this week! #diversityineducation #omgrobots #frc #firstinca
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