happy ToT👅! it’s raining outside so we have a chance to nap some extra today (swipe for a huge yawn)! I’m also getting rid of my baby teeth so I’m gonna be a huge monster and eat some toes even harder from now on 😈
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Maggie being burped after a 2 a.m. bottle. Because someone asked me to repost it. And also because it’s cute. Maggie was adopted and has an Instagram @sweet_maggiemitten • • • • Side note- bottle fed kittens often swallow some air as they feed, while nursing kittens generally don’t swallow as much air. So about halfway through a feeding, I like to burp them. I use the pads of my fingers to tap on her back until I hear or feel the release of air. In this video it’s just a few seconds in. This burping does not hurt the kitten, and afterward, they enjoy even more of their bottle. 🍼 #lionelandfriends
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Oops I changed state to liquid and poured out of my house! 🙀
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a little tongue for #tongueouttuesday
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