#LookAtThisFuckingHipster. Does anyone remember that blog? It was snarky and pretty mean and I found myself laughing at people who were just being fun and enjoying their twenties like I was. Why? I guess it was all the rage. Anyway like I was ever one to talk. On my #transatlantic flight home on Thursday/Friday this was my carry on. A basket I bought at a #Frenchfleamarket at age 17. Yes. This basket is older than some folks I’m friends with. Stuffed with even older #records. My husband requested a record player from his parents for his wedding present (I get my own and I have no idea what to pick). We’ve had a lot of fun evenings listening to all his teenage records and thankfully we loved the same stuff. DJ Shadow, PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star, The Smiths (Morrissey please shut up forever thanks), Portishead, just your usual eclectic 90s mix. But we’ve played everything through and knew it was time to expand so I brought some records from home. A couple from my Dad’s collection which he was all too sweet to gift us (Paul Simon, Ella Fitzgerald) and all my own Joni Mitchell. Also stuffed inside the basket was a Marilyn Monroe coffee table book and an #EspritxOpeningceremony tote bag. True story: I was standing in line at Gatwick and my basket was hanging open with my records trying to escape and the person behind me exclaimed “you’ve got good taste in records”. And now we are friends on Facebook and it is a true #airport miracle. Because people are usually pretty shitty in airports.
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nä vet ni vad. nu hade jag gärna suttit på planet i väntan på att få beställa in första flarran champagne. 🥂 snart så 🤜🏻🤛🏻 hoppas ni har en mysig helg! . . #sme#smekmånadngup #honeymoon #smekmånad #vacay #vacation #weekend #dreams #esprit #espritxopeningceremony #ginatricot #ginamyway #balddot #idealofsweden
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Packing for our last weekend away while the #bathroom is #underconstruction. Thank goodness for in laws who allow us to dip in whenever we need to. We also need to return S’ Dad’s car. We’ve had it in #Lon#London and it’s been such a treat for us. Anyway I just got these #EspritXOpeningCeremony sweatpants in the mail and I’m thrilled with them. I have them in black but they’re much too big. I could probably go down to a medium actually. Anyway the large is just right with room to grow and I noticed it fits this @berenika_cz sweater perfectly because the dash of orange. Berenika’s designs are super brilliant y’all. Don’t sleep on it. I’m also taking this Princess Margaret book with me because she’s a really interesting character. Super polarising. Anyway hope you’re having a good and cozy weekend after a week of frigid weather in #London.
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Goin all matchy matchy pink pink 💖 who’s a fan of pink? 😋
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@mbfw.berlin is overrrr and I can’t wait to be home for the weekend before I’m off to Amsterdam and New York next week ✈️
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