I don’t often smile with my mouth open in photos. Big old cheesy grin is saved for special occasions, or if you make me laugh really hard. Which people tend to do pretty often. But, it’s sunny. Summer is coming. And I’m excited for what’s ahead. So smile today, enjoy the sunshine. The weekend is almost here. 🏝☀️🍹
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I have to work at it just like anyone else. I had to progress like anyone else. I had to show up and do what I could do, till I could do what I wanted to do, like anyone else. And my fitness journey actually started with the guy who trained me today - Shaun T! And it never fails, every time I do a workout with Shaun, I go back to the first workout of his I ever did - an ASSKICKING workout from his T-25 Beta (you are supposed to start with Alpha and graduate but, silly me put the wrong workout in) that left me sprawled on the floor for a solid 5 minutes after. Don't get me wrong, he still kicks my ass, but I have grown. I have progressed. I have improved. I have gotten stronger. I can do his workouts, and I can work for it just like anyone else! It didn't get any EASIER, I just got BETTER, because I trusted the process, believed in myself, and stayed accountable (thanks to my awesome group!)
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Lt. Commander Tammie Jo Shults! Pioneering woman Naval Aviation, one of the first female fighter pilots to fly an F18 Hornet. . .#womenpilots #f18hornet ##skills #aviatrix #badass #woman #empowered #mightywoman #womanpower #flying #nevergiveup
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Because it’s Wednesday and no matter what life gives me - I am so incredibly blessed and grateful!!! #livinginthemoment #gratitude #empowered #loveyourself
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Feeling deliciously sore from yesterday’s Yoga.Pilates.Ballet Fusion class @coloradospringsgf.life Mindfulness & Movement have become my new mantra and this workout that I do twice a week, is exactly what this body needs to #agegracefully . Thank you to my dear friend Stacie @embracingspirityoga for drawing me into such beautiful practice and helping me transform my body and find my sass again. #pilates #lessonsfromthemat
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