It doesn’t have to be complicated - a smoothie of spinach, pear and coconut water does very well to get you on your way to your 5 (or ideally 7) a day! #powerfood #easynutrition #estwell #supermums #fitmums #mumswellbeing #surbitonmums #cobhammums #eshermums #waltonmums #buggyfit #mumsinshape #holisticcorerestore
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I was the BIGGEST skeptic! I’ve never been a “shake” person. My husband has always been into supplements, vitamins, and shakes, but not me. I’m more of a whole foods kinda gal. However, over the past few years he’s done the research, and now so have I. We have learned that our food in North America is DEFICIENT in nutrition! Even organic food from big producers, albeit non GMO and not sprayed with traditional pesticide or herbicides, is grown in nutrient deficient soil to maximize production quantity and size. Little attention is payed to nutrition and taste. Our poor bodies, even if we eat tons of salads, veggies, and lean meats, are screaming out for missing vitamins and minerals! Besides moving to an area of the world that grows food in a traditional way from rich soil, it would take eating 2 to 5 times as much food to get the same amount of nutrition we did as a species just 50 years ago! In North America it’s ESSENTIAL to find food sources that are rich in nutrients! That’s where this shake came into the picture for me. Rich in whole foods, densely rich sources of superfoods grown in fertile soil. But better than that is noticeable effects I’ve seen! I have better energy ✅, better digestion ✅, less cravings for sugar and junk food ✅, less illness ✅, and I KNOW it’s helping create a healthier ME! One of the best things I’ve noticed... Every time I’ve had a baby, I develop a fissure in my intestine. After my first it was 8 months of massive pain every time I went to the bathroom! It plagued me on/off for the next 5 years. Then I had my second baby. Again, the painful fissure returned. But guess what?? After starting to drink this shake 2 years ago, it hasn’t flared once! 👏🏼Third baby is here, and guess what, NO FISSURE! 👏🏼 This is huge for me! So now no longer a skeptic, I make this part of my daily routine. And it’s worth every penny and more! Today’s flavour... vanilla banana mango! 😋 #superfoods #supplements #shake #shakeology #boostenergy #betterdigestion #delicious #easynutrition #fitmom #momof3 #bananamango
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STRUGGLING CREATING or MAINTAINING a HEALTHY EATING Lifestyle for YOU and YOUR Family? - DO YOU?.......... ❌ Grab WHATEVER food is available regardless how it aligns to your long-term fitness goals ❌ Feel like healthy eating is a CHORE and junk food is a GUILTY PLEASURE? ❌ Rely to heavily on Processed Foods - If you answered, “YES!!!,” to ANY of these questions, then My 5 Day FREE NUTRITION CHALLENGE, starting Monday is JUST WHAT YOU NEED!!! - We will learn about about macros, the importance of portion control and following nutritional guidelines, how to successfully meal plan, what to eat before and after your workouts, and how to eat out without depriving yourself or going too overboard. - The Challenge will take place in the “Tamira Barr Fitness,” Facebook Community where I will be posting the challenge content daily throughout the challenge. All you have to do to join is to click the link in my bio. - Can’t wait to learn and grow together!!! . . . #freechallenge #healthynutrition #nut#nutritionaleducation #mac#macrocoach/a> #macroplanning #macrocoach #weightlossjourney #weightlosshelp #coachingfromanywhere #foodfreedom #macrosmatter #estcleantraindirty #easymealplanning #lazymealprep #healthyeating #healthyfood #flexibledieting #healthylifestylechange #nutrition #easynutrition #iifymmeals #proteinmeals #flexiblefood #eatforfuel #flexiblenutrition #influenceracademy #tamirabarrfitness #tamirabarr_fit
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The holiday weekend 🇺🇸 is right around the corner which means lots of fun and BBQs, 🍗 and probably followed by many more throughout the summer ☀️, so I thought I'd give a couple tips to keep ya on track throughout the season. . . Bring a side dish or salad that is good for you, so that way you know you will get at least one healthy option. 🥗 . . Portion Control: This can be a game changer! So keep these in mind: Tennis ball 🎾 = about 1 cup: good for sides, your cell phone📱 = 3 oz of meat and your thumb 👍 is about the size of a tablespoon... good for measuring dressings and sauces. #hea#hea#healthtipsbyjess . . Wishing everyone an awesome Memorial Day weekend. God bless all who have served and continue to serve our country! 🇺🇸 . . #healthtips #kissdbyketo #lifewithakiss #onthego #girlonthego #healthtipsbyjess #easynutrition #sim#simplelife #nutrition #wellness #cleaneating #simple #protein #keepitsimple #organicketogirl #cleanketo
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Commit to the process, and the results will come. . My pregnancy has been a rollercoaster, but every time I focus on just being HEALTHY rather than trying to look a certain way, the results just happen! . If there’s something on your journey you’re especially struggling with, track it. Tracking brings attention to it and helps us to see where we need to make changes. . I’m focusing hard on keeping my nutrition in line, which means I’m using my tracker! I know if I focus on tracking what I’m eating, I’ll improve this process. I’m committed to making the next 16 weeks the best of my pregnancy! . One meal at a time. One workout at a time. One day at a time. ⭐️
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Bowl de frutas rojas ❤ ° -Sandía -Fresa -Yogurt light de fresa -Granola con arándanos sin azúcar añadida @nutrisnackscr -Mantequilla de maní @almafrutal ° Los alimentos de color rojo tienen un alto contenido en licopeno que contribuye a la salud cardiovascular ° Así también, tienen antiocianidas que reducen el riesgo a padecer diabetes y mejoran la salud mental ° Además previenen distintos tipos de cáncer ° ¡A comer frutas rojas! ° No olvides compartir esta información con tus amigos y dejarme un me gusta si y pareció interesante 😊 . #red #redfruits #rojo #grutas rojas #bowl #yogurt #mantequillademani #fruits #frutas #frutasmixtas #mixedfruits #easynutrition #nutriciónfácil #vidasana #meriendasaludable #snack #comidasana #nutrientes #salud #healthylifestyle #food #nutrilife #foodgoals #nutritionist #instafood #nutricionista
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I am unapologetically posting an amateur pic of my power super foods in a shaker cup. . . . Why? Because you all know or should know which liquid super food is my fave. Flavors may change but this right here is my go to. . . . I began to feel sick on Sunday evening, thanks hun! Made sure I drank my shake Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. By Wednesday morning I was better. No more sore throat, no more sinus pressure, and no more chest pressure. No meds, nothing. . . Did this happen with just 3 shakes? No!! This happened because I fuel my body with them at least 5 days a wk for the past 5 yrs. . . Truth, I totally believe my strong immune system is because of this shake. Yes, I do get sick but I shake it off quickly. 🤣🤣🤣 . . Now that I posted this I'll probably get the flu next wk but I'm sure I'll bounce back fast. 😁 . . #superfood #easynutrition #nutrition #yum#yuma> #foo#foodie #food #getinmybelly #yum #shake
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So excited to get this in the mail this week! 📦I can’t wait to get started on this NEW nutrition journey! 🥕🍅🥒 If you’re looking for an easy nutrition program to jump start your wellness journey I’d love to talk to you!
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