#Draxler 🎙: The season is not over, quite the contrary. We still have good games to play to win the championship and potentially two finals. We want to continue to make progress and work. Last season we had failed to win the title in Ligue 1, and it is our heart to win him back. That would be my first league title with Paris. The team is very motivated and will demonstrate it by trying to garner as many points as possible. I can assure our fans that they will still enjoy a nice show by the end of the season. It's already great to become a champion, but it's even better to become a champion.Today we are going to do everything we can to win this title and then we will try to get the most points.
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“To support the german school and also to support her project the partner search school in Burkina Faso. I like to be here” - Draxler “In my head is some rock band in there ... I do not know what happened so ... It's really funny to see a player in school.” - Kid 1 “I like the fact that he is in the World Cup. So when Germany comes to the final that he scores twice.” Kid 2 Forgive me if the translation is wrong but I do not speak German hahah @draxlerofficial you’re the best 💙🇩🇪
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