Asian people are fucking disgusting #culturecleanse #chingchong
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Our culture is as important as any other. We have cultural leaders that shift energy and promote societal change. Let’s turn up the heat. Show your power. Stop the free advertisement! Don’t wait for these companies to get caught disrespecting us. Cut them off now. They’re not ours anyway. As of 2/20/2019 the top 10 charts have lyrics that say “My dog will probably do it for a **LOUIS** belt”, “Yeah, Jump Out boys, that's **NIKE** boys, hoppin' out coupes”, “checks over stripes” [Sicko Mode], “You can get the biggest **CHANEL** bag in the store if you want it”, “I bought a new Patek, I had the watch, so I two-toned 'em” [Drip Too Hard], and so on and so forth. This is NOT an attack on the artists we love. This is about taking power. BE CLEAR, THIS IS PHASE 1 OF A 100% PEACEFUL CULTURAL CLEANSE. Please tag, share and hashtag. 💯 Thank you. -Christopher Teel, MS.Ed., A.B.D #ClothingBrandBandNYC #BrandFreeMusicNYC #BrandFreeMusicClub #ShiftCulture #CulturalCleanse #CultureCleanse #CultureCleanseNYC @hot97 @power1051 @oldmanebro @rosenbergradio @laurastylez @funkflex @djenvy @angelayee @cthagod HELP!!!!
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Pre-plan a healthier you in 2019. Commit now and you’ll be ready to go. The Culture Cleanse is an amazing program and this year’s is better then ever. Sign up online or email [email protected] for more details or questions. #culturecrew #jointheculture #culturecleanse #pcv #healthynewyear
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Save the date! We know the focus isn’t cleanse during the holidays but set up 2019 to be a good one with the PCv Culture Cleanse. Our 4th annual Culture Cleanse is right around the corner! Our initial meeting is on Monday, January 14th at 7:00pm with @stephaniemaypotter and @abart79. The actual cleanse will begin Monday, January 21st and end on Sunday, February 10th. Early birds sign up before January 1st and receive a FREE Culture Cleanse water bottle. This year we will include even more recipes, grocery lists, meal planning assistance, food sensitivity testing, a mindfulness yoga class with acupuncture specialist. Founding Unlimited clients-$129 Unlimited Clients- $149 Non-unlimited Clients- $159 New Clients w/ free fitness classes during cleanse- $249 Go to our website, click on 'online store', click 'services' and select 'cleanse'. #jointheculture #culturecrew #itsaculture #culturecleanse #2019goals
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Salad makes your brain 11 years younger? Yes please. And guess what goes great with salads? The Culture Cleanse! Starts tomorrow 1/15. #culturecrew #healthyeats #saladplease #pcv #culturecleanse
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Did you have a little too much fun this holiday season? Looking for support and accountability to get back on track and feel more energized ? Join @bartness79 and me for the @physicalculturev Culture Cleanse and you’ll receive support and accountability from IIN certified health coaches. More info at: #2018cleanse #cleaneatingjourney #culturecleanse #pcv #cleaneats #justdoit #noregrets
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11 days till the Culture Cleanse kick off. Start 2018 off right with @bartness79 and @stephaniemaypotter. More info here: #justdoit #noregrets #trysomethingnew #culturecrew #culturecleanse #cleaneats #pcv #itsaculture
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The time is here. Culture Cleanse is back. Starting in mid/late January it’s the perfect time to start 2018 with a hard reset. You might feel ok now but come Jan. 1....oh boy! :) Led by the fabulous @bartness79 and @stephaniemaypotter. More info on second insta picture and tons more info here: Done it before? There’s new recipes, updated materials and much more new too. Sign up by January 1st for 10% off. Contact [email protected] for more info! #culturecrew #culturecleanse #healthyeats #doyourbodygood #start2018strong #pcv #itsaculture
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