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We communicate & collaborate with our sponsors as we work side-by-side toward a common goal. It's the Worldwide Way. #MondayMotivation πŸ”— in bio.
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NEW study shows "screening older people for OSA & giving treatment where needed could help prevent #dementia." Read the details here: πŸ”— in bio.
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"There is no doubt in my mind our world's best scientists are going to solve this problem. It's a matter of time & effort, and it's a matter of bringing all these approaches together." -@peter_benton πŸ”— in bio.
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#TBT to @peter_benton's interview with PharmaVOICE! Tune in as he discusses evolutions within the CRO industry, what sponsors look for in a CRO & how company culture impacts innovation & success. Watch the full video here: πŸ”— in bio.
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Meet evidence expert Jeff Trotter! Jeff is a pioneer in the health economics & outcomes research community. Talk to him about your real-world evidence project here: πŸ”— in bio.
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