A bit of a #latergram. This came a couple days ago but I didn't have a chance to photograph all of it til now. • • • The May @tamedwild @houseofrituals box! Catch me subscribing to their boxes for the rest of my life. 😏💞 • • • This month is all about connecting to the Divine Feminine via your favorite goddess. • • • Being a Christian Witch. My Divine Feminine is the Virgin Mary. I've already decided that when I make my locket talisman I'm using her and it's perfect because the pendant came surrounded by rose petals. • • • And for anyone who doesn't know the Virgin Mary is heavily associated with roses. It is believed in my faith { Orthodox Christianity } that if you smell the phantom scent of roses without any kind of explanation it means the Virgin Mary is near you and blessing you with her love. So I'll definitely be putting some of these petals in the locket too. • • • Thank you to my Tamed family for making me the happiest witch ever. I really will subscribe to you as long as you're around. Because holy crap guys, I love you. And you're hands down the best and for obvious reasons most fulfilling subscriptions I've ever had. Blessings to all of you along with every ounce of love, light, and the best energy I have. You guys are thee best. • • • 🌒Specifics:🌘 ♨ You can get the #tamedwild #houseofrituals #subscription for $35/month + shipping. It will transform your spiritual life! • • • #witch #witchcraft #pagan #christian #christianwitch #virginmary #divinefeminine #ritual #rituals #faith #hope #love #light #personalpower #energy #floralsmudge #smudge #hematite #goddess #herbs #locket #talisman #thespirituallife #notyet
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We’re so thrilled for our new venue tomorrow and we’re even more excited to share the experience with you all. Join us tomorrow at 10:00 AM & 11:30 AM! #PeopleTOR
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