Better safe than sorry, always bring a showel and a insulated windsack as a polar storm may strike unanounced.
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Todays workout, three times up the skislope. To much soft snow in the skilift trac to climb up with Dillinger 5 and 5psi.
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The Brose engine is really quiet. Its mostly my breathing and clothes that makes noise. Not unlike a regular bike. Exept that this is fun. This is from my workout up the skislope.
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Hunger for Pow doesnt stop when the sun sets. Hendrik Sandbakken 📸: @vegard_aasen #MoonlightMountainGear #BrightAsDay #LightUpYourLife
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Winter in spring, day at night... Um, what? #snow #brightasday #nightlights #nofilter
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