This was the longest break I’ve taken from #instagram since I started and let me tell you, it felt great not to be constantly stressed about the ever-changing algorithm. I’m not going to lie, I do still worry about it but my NEW goal is to not let it get me down and to post when and what I want. I want to share more #behindthescenes with everyone and show all the hard work that’s put into every #handmade #handmadepiece I make. It’s not easy though, when I get into a creation, I get lost and forget to document it 🙈 Recently I’ve been wire-wrapping my heart out to the point that my fingers show it but it’s all for the amazing #stockists that are supporting me and I only hope to partner with more during #nybfw at @onefinedaybridalmarket in April 🤞. This journey of growing my #bridalbusiness is very nerve wracking but I definitely couldn’t do it without the help of my family, friends, the amazing #boutique owners that took a chance on me, and of course all the beautiful brides 👰🏼❤️😘 You’re all the reason I keep on going. Thank you all!!! 😊️ . . . #smallbusinesshustle #wirewrapping #bridalaccessories #bridalhairpiece #bridalhairpins #alysonnicolebridal #bridalstyle #boldbride #bridalmarket18
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