Wyatt took Paisley by the hand and led her into her very first tap & ballet class. He told her not to be scared and they would go in together. I'm so glad that he gets to share his love of dance, even at such a young age. #dance #preschooldance #aprilschoolofdance #mamasboy #boydancer
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Day 4 Freestyle. This is my absolute weakest style of dance. Looking at a professional point of view it would be complete trash. However, I'm letting myself slide as this was a dance based purely on emotion rather than technique. When I freestyle I always have something in my head planned next. This one was purely guided by my emotions since the song fits like a glove right now. I tried to pour my feelings of hopelessness, depression, anxiety, loneliness all into this and I hope it transferred over!💗. Since I always hold everything in, I feel dance is a way to tell others I'm hurting without having confrontation since I have bad trust issues. But enough of that. I hope you all have an AMAZING day, week, month, year!!! I love you all and I want to THANK YOU 100% for the support you all always give me 💗💗💗!!! I promise to comeback with more upbeat songs and Kpop covers soon!!!💗💗 - - - - - - - - Song: Billie Eilish-Lovely (with Khalid) *No Copyright Infringement Intended* - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #dancing #dance #dancer #boy#boydance> #boydance #fre#freestylee #freestyle #billieeilish #lovely #lovelybillieeilish #khalid
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Don't be scared to SOAR!!! Believe in yourself, push yourself to be better, make today better than yesterday and make tomorrow better than today! 💚
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