Want proof that people really can change? Just look at @NicoRosberg. Over the past few years, he spoke the biggest amount of crap and played mind games with @LewisHamilton, yet now, since he is a commentator at @SkySportsF1, he cannot stop singing his old foes praises. On the flipside, the one-time world champion seems to take every opportunity to take a dig at #Vettel and Ferrari. I don’t know whether Nico desperately needs the money from #SkyF1, but he seems to be trying overly hard to appease his employers. Despite adding his solid technical insight, it seems #NicoRosberg is thriving on gossip that the British media and public are loving. His latest tirade on @ScuderiaFerrari that they were wrong to use team-orders on Leclerc stinks of bullshit. Yet, when #Mercedes have done the same thing to Valtteri, he justifies it and keeps quiet. Strange, because lap data leading up to #Ferrari ordering #Leclerc to move over for Seb suggests that Leclerc was conserving his tyres, and just after Seb passed him, Seb flat spotted his a few times and had to pit, which was no doubt part of both strategies. Yes Ferrari might have duffed up Leclerc’s race strategy in the end, but he was not going to challenge for the win or second anyways. They needed to do something innovative because #Ver#Verstappen was really fast and they needed to jump him. If it worked, and Charles ended the race ahead of #Verstappen, it wouldn’t have been that big an issue. But @Charles_Leclerc needs to know his place. He is the number 2 in the team – his team manager has already said that. So why is he moping around and acting emo? He is 21 and has a long career in front of him. His time will come that’s for sure, but the media, and #F1 fans need to chill. I would hate to be a German driving a Ferrari in F1, because against the poms, you will always be the devil. Irrespective of how he achieved it, @VettelOfficial is a four-time WDC. Yes he won in a dominant car back then, but so has #LewisHamilton. He should be afforded the respect that comes with that, especially when his current car – as well as last year’s car – still isn’t in the same league as the Mercedes. #BelieveInSebastian #ForzaFerrari
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