All about the eyes with @fitglowbeauty Eye C Firm & LUMI Firm✨ . My eyes feel so good with the Eye C Firm- a cream that absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling hydrated. I like to keep mine in the fridge to give an extra cooling sensation + so soothing. The LUMI Firm is a highlighting balm, one of their newest plant peptides & collagen strengthening creations. I like to use on brow bone, inner eyes & cheeks to give a pretty glow and makes me look more awake than I really am✨ . Have you tried these yet? Can’t wait to see what other new Fitglow products come out this year (hints please?!?!)💖 . . Hope you’re having a fabulous week!Xo! . . . #greenbeauty #greenpassionbeauty #fitglowbeauty #makeup #skincare #naturalskincare #crueltyfree #highperformanceskincare #new #evidencebasedbeauty #naturalbeauty #naturalblogger #beautybloggers #leapingbunnycertified #highlighter #plantbased #collagen #organicskincare #indiebeauty #cleanliving #saferproducts #saferproductsadvocate
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Hair styling is an art, and we love to surround ourselves with creativity. Our abilities and interests straddle multiple disciplines, but we have one shared vision: to create a dynamic, symbiotic brand. . In the salon, we've featured art exhibits from hand-painted gramophones to miniature light-houses, a retro Rajdoot GTS motor-bike, a large tailor-scissors installation hanging from the ceiling, and pop-up stores and exhibitions for independent designers and artists!
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✨SKIN CARE ROUTINE!✨ So I was requested by @nachsartt to share my skin care routine so here it is! 1. I remove as much makeup as I can with makeup wipes, these are by far my favorite and they don’t dry out your skin and doesn’t make your skin feel oily and gross after. 2. I take the @tar@tartecosmetics rainforest of the sea cleanser to get any makeup I didn’t get off with the wipe. 3. Then I take @clinique number 3 (for oily skin) toner on a cotton round and go over my skin to take out any extra makeup that was missed with the cleanser or makeup wipe. 4. I use 3 serums, it may seem excessive but it actually is beneficial to apply more than one serum to your face! First I take the @esteelauder eye repair serum and gently rub that on my eyelids and under eyes and let that sit for a minute. Then I take the @caudalie serum and massage that into my skin and let that sit. Finally I add my “Good Morning” serum from @hey@heyhoney which really makes my face feel extra soft (use my code arianna10 for money off!). 5. Once all of my serums have settled in, I then take my @tartecosmetics rainforest of the sea moisturizer to lock all of that in. 6. Have to take care of my lips too! I wouldn’t rave about a product if I didn’t like it, I have a bad habit of twisting and biting my lips and this is one of the only lip repair that actually works. I apply that and over night my lips feel absolutely amazing! @heyhoney 7. Last, but certainly not least I used @pearlessenceuk rose water and this smells so good. It feels amazing and is very refreshing! Side note, if I want to use an overnight mask I always used the @pet@peterthomasrothofficial cucumber overnight mask, and for an exfoliated I use the @peterthomasrothofficial pumpkin exfoliating mask/scrub. I hope this helped! If you have any questions feel free to ask ☺️☺️
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