Alveo Ironman Davao is a flat course race with twists (current and poor visibility of buoys; windy and rough road; and scorching heat). I was kick and slap in the 🏊‍♂️ leg. I had cramps at 45km in the🚴‍♂️ leg. I still had cramps and got sunburn in the 🏃‍♂️ leg. But see ... I learned !!!😅 👉Good preparation for a race is a must. ( Follow good nutrition protocol and trust your training) 👉 Always expect the worst (Underestimating a race course is a suicide 😣... every race has a unique way of challenging athletes) 👉 Biggest enemy sa race: SARILI mo lang (3 disciplines ang sinalihan mo kaya dapat focus lang sa goal mo. Move on agad after ng isa para tuloy lang ang laban) 👉 Just smile and have fun!!! ( Madami photographers at cheerers kaya bawal magpakita ng weakness) Sa madaling salita: Huwag niyo po ako tularan 😥 (Buti may strepsils ako sa trisuit ko at nasurvive ko ang bike leg ) I survived! I am a 70.3 Ironman Davao Finisher! Mabagal man. at least nakatapos 😁 Nosebleed na ako. Naubos buong araw ko sa race report na to. Patawad po kung may mali sa grammar 😅 @riptide #ironmandavao703 #ironmandavao2018 #alveoironman703 #triathlon #wowowilier #wilier #tryathlete #asthmatictriathlete
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Achievement unlocked: A first timer try-athelete, a bicycle and an awesome medal 🤗 I survived!!! #im703davao #alveoim703 #ironmandavao2018 #riptide #wowowilier #wiliertriestina #tryathlete #triathlon #swimbikerun #instaathlete #asthmatictriathlete
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Triathlon will not make you pretty. Triathlon will give you scars from bike wrecks, bruises from running, and tattoos that no one understands. Fried hair from chlorine, more freckles than anyone deserves from hours on the trail, deep tan lines that never quite fade, and you don’t even want to know what it does to toenails. You may absolutely kill those skinny jeans now (two sizes larger, thanks to your new hamstrings and glutes), but getting them on is harder than the last two days training combined and your arms are so tired. The longer the distance, the more muscle you need, and when did my midsection get that wide? Your arms get big, your butt even so much bigger. You stop wearing heels because, hell, I don’t need those to stomp on the world, I can do that barefoot. You gain 15 pounds, cut 18 inches off your hair, and forget what nail polish even is because you never have all 10 toenails at once. You will be dirty, sweaty, sunburned, and frequently have the hairstyle “I swam then put on a bike helmet”. Triathlon is not a pretty sport, not the training or the competition, and it forces you to let go of that supposed measure of your worth. No amount of masks or facades or meeting societal expectations will bring you to the finish, only your true self will take you there. So you terrorize your hair and your skin, you live in gym clothes, get another tattoo no one understands, and show up to work with goggle face. You move further and further away from cultural definitions of "Woman" and "Pretty”. Then one day it dawns on you as you’re training for your second Ironman race… You don’t care. In the countless hours you’ve spent alone with yourself out on the trail you have learned who you are, intimately and with brutal honesty. You know your worth as a fellow human. What you look like is so far down on the list of things that actually do really matter that you barely even remember it. Triathlon has not made me pretty. What it has made me is fierce, brave, strong, genuine, healthy, empathetic, lovely, true, focused, passionate, driven, willing, happy, assured, radiant, independent, and honest. I wrote this two years ago and still feel it every day #tbt
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I Tri because she loved this dream of mine into existence. Years ago, my Mom encouraged, believed, and loved me to the finish of my first triathlon, something that changed my whole life. This year, I was given the overwhelming honor of sharing her journey to her first Half Ironman. Three weeks ago, we toed the line together in Augusta, and we found a finish line again. I will never have words to describe this moment, this picture will have to suffice. This is the heart of Tri. This is the meaning of this sport. This is Why We Tri. #inspiration #ironman #im703augusta #whywetri #strong #womenwithmuscles #myheart #StrongerThanHAE #bebrave #triathlon #trilife #triathlete #girlswholift #fit#fitnessvation #strongwomen #mom #daughter #fitness #swim #bike #run #zoot #colors #love #AsthmaticTriathlete @whywetri @ironmantri @zootsports @top_triathletes @triathlonloversmagazine
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