Spring Sea. What a wonderful color! #sea #spring #seaside #beautiful #amazingcolor
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Pequenas jóias líquidas💧.
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So our new colour line is legit! Since my hair is bayalage I’ve been using the brunette on my top and roots and the blonde on my mids/ends haha and am loving it!!! It helps keep my color from fading💖 Check out Adrianna’s results😍👇🏻 “My results from our Colour Enhance Shampoo - Perfectly Platinum! I attempted the very best I could to get the exact pose, lighting and space in my bathroom, for the skeptics sake. 🤪 I haven’t used purple shampoo in 19 months and I may or may not have shed a tear after my hair dried and I saw the results 🤩 I am so PUMPED to have a purple shampoo that is naturally based, non toxic and safe on all standards 🙌🏼🤸‍♀️ ♥️ Feel free to share!”
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