Nothing more comforting than a simple basic hotpot with all you can eat meat, seafood, veggies and noodles and a bowl of mixed condiments made just suit my flavour quirks 😁😁😁
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Special Prawn and Pork Porridge. Shantou, formerly romanized as Swatow and sometimes known as Santow, is a city on the eastern coast of Guangdong, China, where the people mainly speak teochew. While everyone usually associate teochew porridge to plain o' teochew muay, there is also a flavourful version like this one which many can find at fish soup stalls. It may not beat the cantonese taste buds of mine when it comes to porridge/ congee, but it sure does pass as an alternative teochew porridge to mainstream teochew muay. ····· Address: Swatow Is Here. Block 46 Holland Drive, Singapore 2700046. ····· Opening Hours: Daily: 11.30am to 2.30pm, 5.30pm to 9.00pm.
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Seat Ibiza cupra 💥
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I haven't eaten a buffet in a while, but yum. Was a good session.
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Buttery, chewy and crumbly all in one 😍 Share our unbaked goodness with your loved ones this reunion.
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So i was #baking #chocolate chip #cookies for the upcoming #ChineseNewYear (Year of the Oink). And i was looking back my past bakes. I self learnt using online recipes. And even made small sales b4. So this is my hobby on the side. If interested in buying any, DM me😉 #musiciansalsocanbake 🌻🎶🎵💕, Jo
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