The amazing health benefits of turmeric include the ability to reduce inflammation, heal wounds, improve skin health, protect cognitive abilities, and ease menstrual difficulties. Turmeric also helps eliminate depression, alleviate pain, slow down aging and protect the digestive tract. Buy a bag of #79Tu today and start your golden journey 💛. 📸 @riseandgrinddrivethrucoffee
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Smiley 😊 📸 : @particlecafe
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Katie’s been at the coffee machine experimenting again and has come up with an amazing 70% turmeric latte, clever girl katie. #dairyfree #audleyhall #79tu
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I’m so offended when my body decides to be sick. I gave you vegetables last week.. how dare you 😤 at least this cup of turmeric latte will comfort me for today 😷
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Unicorn Cheezecake from the legends at @particlecafe // Macadamia Crumble // Blue Spirilina // Geranium // #79Tu Turmeric 🦄✨
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There may be a flu vaccine shortage but you can help boost your immunity with a touch of turmeric from @79_tu . Have you tried our golden latte yet? One of our faves for these chilly mornings. 📷 : @yeshmin @shanklincafe
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Starting the morning with some gold #goldenlatte #tumericlatte #latte #79tu
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