Let’s talk about DEBT 🆘‼️ . . Cash Money Monday 💰 . . (More detailed video on my IG Live Story on Monday’s) . . Know anyone who owes money on a credit card? Vehicle loan? Student loan? . . It’s likely we all do - the average Canadian owes over $20,000 in debt OUTSIDE of their mortgage! . . Most people have no strategy to pay it off anytime soon and simply just live way outside of their means to begin with (I was extremely guilty of this when I was younger) . . There are plenty of ways outside of going bankrupt and pulling your hair out thinking about how you’re ever going to get out of a debt problem - reach out to me to hear where we can help! . . . . . #cash #money #debt #mon#moneyproblems #restructure #shoparound #educate #education #financialliteracy #debtsucks #debtrelief #yeg #edmonton #edmontonliving #yegdt #yeggers #yegfood #yegnails #yeg#yegfit #yegfit #yeglocal #780 #587 #learn #gethelp #educateyourself #fixed #moneyproblems #backontop #winter
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This one-day event will give you hands-on strategies and tools so you can leave with your game plan to become the authority in your field! : Discover how to grow your business and stay current with new and emerging tips in marketing, financial, target market, goal setting and operational techniques for your business. . . ***Workshops Includes *** . Marketing & Social Media Business Finances . Business Operations . Target Market & Goal Setting : *** What this day has to offer *** Discover how to position yourself as the "go to" in your industry . Learn from the best Acquire powerful new skills . Learn the latest trends in the industry Networking Great giveaways
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How would it feel to have an orchestra perform outside of your home everyday? Besides air pollution, trees are essential for reducing noise pollution. Dense canopies, leaves, and bark tend to absorb sound existent in cities such as Edmonton or Calgary. Want to reduce sound and contribute to hundreds of other benefits by accepting a free tree? Register now on the #PlantForever website. Link in bio: @plantforeverorg
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Mega's are for everyone 🖤
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First time working away from home, and this hotel room is feeling awfully lonely at the moment. Already looking forward to my own bed and pupper cuddles 🐶💚 @SGcanada @hopefulsuicidegirls @suicidegirlslife_ @canadiantattoogirls @flauntyourfigure @suicidegirls_curvesplus
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