Previously I said the best work Taka Hayashi had done for Vans was on the denim Sk8-Hi for Disney’s 90th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse (See Day 302). I was wrong. THIS is Taka’s best work. I copped these three or so years ago and until the Disney collab, they were my favorite of his. Well, they still are. The denim Sk8-Hi’s are pretty amazing, but not as amazing as these. Swipe 👈🏾 for more. Day 344 of 365 Days of Vans: @vans x Taka Hayashi TH Sk8-Hi Engineer LX (Leather) Black 12/10/2018
300 14
Day 343 of 365 Days of Vans: @vans x @feature OG Old Skool LX (Feature) Plum 12/09/2018 (Part 2 of Day 336)
281 2
Day 342 of 365 Days of Vans: @vans x John Van Hamersveld (@coolhous) OG Classic Slip On (Canvas) JVH Marshmallow/Black 12/08/2018
276 8
Day 341 of 365 Days of Vans: @vans x Needles Classic Slip-On VLT (Needles/Velvet) Black/Black 12/07/2018
251 7
I wanted to wear these yesterday for #WTapsWednesday but I couldn’t find them. Finally found them in the last place I looked. 🙄 Day 340 of 365 Days of Vans: @vans x @wtaps_tokyo Era “S” Bones/Cordovan 12/06/2018
258 6
I’m at my storage space looking for a specific pair of #WTaps Vans for #WTapsWednesday but I can’t find them. I can’t keep looking for them because I have to get to tonight’s gig. I’m just going to wear these (the companion to Day 304) and head out of here. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Day 339 of 365 Days of Vans: @vans x @wtaps_tokyo OG Sk8-Hi LX (WTaps) Blue Flame 12/05/2018
391 9
Day 338 of 365 Days of Vans: @vans x @thrashermag Slip-On Pro (Thrasher) Black/Checkerboard 12/04/2018
331 5
On this day in 1983, Slayer released “Show No Mercy”, their debut album, on @metalbladerecords (Scroll back to Day 27 to see the Slip-On) Day 337 of 365 Days of Vans: @vans x @slayerbandofficial Sk8-Hi (Slayer) Black/Red 12/03/2018
467 17