Thanks to my family and friends. #blessed #322 #oneyearolder #nofilter #makeawish
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Wow! Tonight was absolutely amazing playing with my good buddy @willthomasreedofficial at the 14th Annual BIG GIG to support The Boys and Girls Club of Central Virginia!! I’m completely humbled by all these amazing folks doing great work to support the Club. It was great to be back in our home town if only for a very brief stay. Got to hang with @laflamablanca95, Howie Long, @bos@bosslady9575!! I reconnected with my good buddy Jeff Wilburger from High School (who’s birthday is 3/22) and @bosslady9575 ‘s auction paddle was 322... such a surreal night with such amazing folks!! Special Thank You to me and @hpcraddock ‘s great friend @angie_oakey for making this all happen!!! And.... WE HELPED RAISE A TON OF $ FOR THE KIDS!! It feels amazing to help. I feel completely grateful and blessed for this amazing opportunity!! @prsguitars #BoysandGirlsClub #CentralVirginia #Grateful #Blessed #322 #22
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#Reweek #322 thanks Franz 🎈❤😍 #Cake
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Yesterday was fun!!! Thank you all for the bday love!! #cheersto29 #90sbaby #322
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