Thank you so much everyone for the birthday wishes. I am truly grateful to have such a great family and friends! I know 30 is gonna be a great year and with many blessings heading my way... including a baby boy💙!! 🤗 ///// Muchísimas gracias a todos por sus deseos de cumpleaños. Estoy realmente agradecida de tener una gran familia y amigos! Se que los 30 serán un gran año para mi y con muchas bendiciones en mi camino... incluyendo un bebecito💙!! #Julybaby #30andpregnant #blessed #30andfabulous💁
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Happy Birthday to this absolute beauty!!! Hope you have the best day!! @char_maguire #30thbirthday #30andfabulous💁
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Embracing THIRtyTEEN... Thank you Family, Friends and colleagues!🙏🏼😘 Special mention to my Mother Earth @saracordz for pushing me out on this day. My benefactor/sister/nemesis Carla for always spoiling ur litol sis(charoot). My Keisha & Kerza, for throwing all their tantrums today, since 5am, salamuch kau ninyo mga junakis! And to my dear Bro @villaruelwilson , who has always been the #wifezilla absorber! Salamuch kaau!😘😘😘 And above all, Thank you Lord for giving me another 365 days!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 P.S. Yes, I’m 30! You need not remind me! 🙃😝😜🤪 #30andfabulous💁
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30 is not so bad. I had a fabulous day full of wonderful food, balloons, presents, flowers, chocolate and cake 🎁🍰🎈Spending it with the amazing @jbuwert and #loisbuwert 👨‍👩‍👧 Thank you for all the birthday wishes 💕 #30andfabulous💁 #30birthdaycelebration #willowtreebourn #pandorarings #birthdaygirl
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