Couple things lost me time on this stage at @smm3gun and it was hard to let go, but as we all know, reshoots don't usually go well, so I had to push on. Watch the cable from the activating popper to the "bobber" target on the right as I shoot the popper coming into position. That same activating popper also trips a clam shell target just left of it which is what I was shooting at just before waiting for the bobber, for what felt like an eternity. I was waiting for the RO to stop me because clearly if the clam shell got activated and the bobber didn't, it was a range failure. At that same moment, I thought maybe the RO didn't realize what was going on and the activating popper was still standing for some odd reason. So, I decided to shoot the activator, shoot the bobber and continue. Time to transition to buckshot on those heavy targets and hope they go over with one shot because my stage plan required 8 shots with 9 in the gun and I didn't want to stand there loading. Luckily, I went 1 for 1 and on the 2nd to last target, my bolt held back! Just as I brought the gun back to check it, enough energy made the bolt release and I reshouldered hoping a round chambered fully.....bang! Good. Stage done. Through all that mess, it cost about 5 to 6 seconds to my best guesstimate. That would've been a potential stage win and an advance in placement. Witnesses say the popper moved just far enough to trip the clamshell and not the bobber. Some say I shot the cable...I think it was the first. Oh well, onward and upward to the next one! #ilovethisgame #3gun #3gunna #3gun4life #3gunlifestyle #2a #america
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