Day 178: HAPPY EASTER!! 🐣🐇🐣 HAPPY PASSOVER!! This Caprice is so hard 😫😫 This is the second easier part for me but it’s still a challenge. It’s quite difficult to cover both strings with my pointy first finger. 😓 Also I’m sure you can tell that my intonation needs work. Although this is very challenging I really do enjoy working on it. I can’t wait to work on the next little section tomorrow! Today: 1 hour 30 minutes (actually over 2 hours but I wasn’t very focused so I’m not counting it) Total: 329 hours 15 minutes #violinista #violins #violino #violinists #violinplayer #violinlove #🎻 #100daysofpractice #practicepracticepractice #practicemakesprogress #365daychallenge #10000hours #violinistas #violin🎻 #violinmusic #paganini #caprice #niccolopaganini #paganinicaprice #violinsolo #soloviolin
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day 3 of #100daysofpractice dvorak slavonic dance no. 1 with the ear wrenching reality of practicing a technical passage to move to tempo. 😬 the feeling when you play it good slow but can’t play it fast (twosett reference hahah)
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Here is @cal@caleb_yurasek_ playing Scrambled eggs. This is really difficult and takes real control. He does a great job with it! My video and sheets on my page. #Repost @caleb_yurasek_ (@get_repost) ・・・ Deviled eggs grid. This rudiment kind of kicks my butt a little bit. @donka.drums day 11/100 #100daysofpractice
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Day 88: #100daysofpractice I’m practicing all the Harmonic Minor Scales hands separate on the piano. This is a good refresher and is helping expand my brain and hand coordination. Was this fun for me? Not really. I’d much rather be hitting a drum. But, I know this will transfer to all the mallet instruments and allow me to use a wider pallet of colors to choose from when improvising. #musiceducation #percussion #louisville #drumsmartllc #justdoit @kentuckychapterpas @louisville_music_seen
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this day sort of flew by 😅 when I woke up I practiced fundamentals for about an hour to and hour and a half. Played just some random solo stuff for my family at a lunch for around an hour, then went back and half-assed some Lebedev. I need to actually learn how to play this solo, meaning slowing it down and going one measure at a time🤢 I'll do that this week, I finally printed it out so its no longer just on my phone 👍🏼 from here out I'm going to try to have a solid plan. 20- 30 minute warm up in the morning 20 minutes of reviewing school songs (during school lunch) 40 minutes of fundamentals (Split equally throughout almost every section of the Arban and Kopprasch book) after schools 30 minutes for learning a bordogni etude and reviewing ILMEA audition materials 30 minutes for solos eeh I'm going to try to shift my styles more towards music, I've been getting lazy. #tuba #tubaplayer #lowbrass #brass #band #music #practicemakesbetter #100daysofpractice #day68
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Day 21 Sorry for the repost. My instagram has been super buggy lately. Anyways, I decided to film some of my warm up today! The first video is part of my buzzing routine I do before I play. I do a jacobs turn in all 12 keys (with piano or drone) to warm up my air, buzz, and ears. The piano/drone really helps solidify pitch! The second video is one of the lip slur exercises I do. I find this helps with air fluidity and gives a better sense of the intervals on your horn The third video is my attempt at Penderecki’s “Capriccio” for solo tuba. Epic fail😂 it’s really hard! I want to be able to work it up sometime in the future! Happy Easter to those who celebrate!
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Deviled eggs grid. This rudiment kind of kicks my butt a little bit. @donka.drums day 11/100 #100daysofpractice
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(27/100) Here’s some tasty SCV 2018 beats for y’all to enjoy! This snare feature was really friggin cool!🔥 @drummunity @rudimentaldrummers @awesome_marching_drummers #drummunity #snare #dci #innovativepercussion #scv2018 #100daysofpractice
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