Put 80 more miles on the DRZ400S yesterday. She holds up fine. It’s fast, well at least faster than what I’m used to. It topped at 88mph, gonna change that real quick. Sprung a gas leak at the end of the day so I ordered the stuff to fix that. All in all, she’s a bad bitch and I fell in love #0to60realquick also, I’ve got less than 600 dollars in this bike, and it’s only got 1.3k miles on it. Guy had no idea what he was doing with a bike and it was a simple fix, with just a little money. Deal of a lifetime. Can’t wait to explore the city with it!! Gotta watch 1st gear, it likes to stand up with ya real easy. It does 3rd gear clutch ups pretty easy, not so much in 4th, but it cruises at 70mph like it’s nothin, doesn’t even strain that bad at 88mph. More updates soon!!
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Stock on the outside but got many surprises on the inside 😉 #intake #stillen straight pipe #fittedgarage #racewaypark #370z #japan #370znismo #nis#nissan370z #projectcar #lagunaseca #nissangtr #nissan #teamnissan #znation #0to60realquick #sleeper
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