i was going to audition to play a part or like an extra for spiderman 2 because they're going to film some of the scenes here in london THEN I REALISED IM NOT FUCKING HERE FOR A WHOLE MONTH AND 20 DAYS
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i had a dream that me (I) (The Mitsuki) was dating someone and i felt so loved andit was so nice and now im HELLA FUCKING SAD. i hope i die on my way to work... kisses 😘🤟
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Mi hijo favorito ❤
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. . 純喫茶ボンボン。 ボンボンって言いながらEDM みたいにうるさいわけではなくて むしろ平穏な空気感と居心地が ぷんぷんに飛び回ってる。 年季の入った赤いソファに腰掛けて 食べるのは決まってプリン🍮 センセーショナルな気持ちになる自分に 思わず堪えろ!って言い聞かせる 自分がいたりします。 自分らしさをもったプリン。 (さくらんぼは苦手である) . . #名古屋#高丘#喫茶ボンボン#喫茶店 #カフェ#カフェ部#カフェ巡り#プリン #名古屋カフェ#名古屋カフェ巡り #food#foodpic#foodstagram #cafe#pudding#sweet#desert #retrip#retrip_gourmet#retrip_cafe #gourmet#Nagoya
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ashley nicolette frangipane don’t call her ashley unless it’s serious or she’ll murder you in the most painful way possible. new jersey baby. 1994. libra. overthinks too much. picky eater. she cries too often. lazy fucker. swears too often. dog mother to Jagger. Gerald’s baby girl, she won’t hesitate to hurt you if you ever try stealing G or Jagger away from her. Lani & Cardi are her best friends. over-protective bitch. self conscious. sensitive. she doesn’t like speaking her mind, it’s rare she will. she doesn’t have any self confidence. didn’t make it into second grade. will kick your ass if you mention her childhood in front of her. she lost a lot of people in her life and she is scared to get attached to people because she feels they will leave her. clingy. she has a bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety. she does drugs, drinks alcohol and smokes. makes Gerald carry her everywhere. she doesn’t leave Gerald’s side 99.9% of the time. her fears are being alone, spiders (kinda), needles and losing the ones she loves. likes: not you. music. sleep. Gerald. Jagger. her friends. food. inside. kinky shit. kids shows. horror shows. conspiracy theories. rap. rock. heavy metal. alternative..etc. annoying Gerald. kids, sometimes. and of course other things, but she is lazy. dislikes: you. going outside. being separated from Gerald. herself. healthy food. her laziness. her childhood. kids. once again, she is fucking lazy.
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