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The Swarovski Foundation has supported the @redcrossau Disaster Relief and Recovery efforts in response to the Australian wildfires, providing financial assistance to those who have lost their homes, psychological first aid to those experiencing trauma and the long-term recovery plans in disaster-affected communities #bushfiresaustralia #australiabushfires
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The @whitechapelgallery raised record funds at the 2020 Art Icon for their Youth and Community program to bring young adults closer to artistic creativity. #articonaward2020
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#Swarovski speaks to Professor @jonathanembaillie , trustee of #Swarovskifoundation at the ‘Action For Nature’ event, World Economic Forum, Davos. Jonathan Baillie says: ‘we need to secure 30% of the planet by 2030’. Watch to find out how new behaviours can reverse our impact on nature and our planet . . . #Davos #ActionForNature #JonathanBaillie
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#Swarovski held a major panel discussion with experts from various fields to explore ‘Action For Nature’ at #Davos2020. . @nadja.swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board and Chairperson of the @swarovskifoundation, and trustee of #swarovskifoundation, Professor @jonathanembaillie, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist, National Geographic Society discussed solutions to help restore habitats and bring us closer to nature through awareness and behavioural change.
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The Swarovski Foundation supports @nature_org on a program that supports reforestation in Mantiqueira mountains in Brazil, the project aims to restore 1.2 million hectares of forest by 2030 . . . #ActionforNature #Davos #WEF
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Inspiring Swarovski colleagues in Vietnam and India to Spark Change for Good with the help of Foundation partners @BuildANest and @BarefootCollege. We continue to champion our employees to become agents of positive change to drive Impact across the Swarovski Foundation and Swarovski Waterschool. #SparkChange
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Today, on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women @Britafs, Executive Director @womenforwomenuk, a @SwarovskiFoundation partner, highlights that globally one in three women experiences violence, and urges us to come together to raise awareness of this issue. We can use our voices to create change. #GenerationEquality #HumanEmpowerment #SparkChange
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The @swarovskifoundation supports tech innovation in the global craft sector, one of the primary employers of women in developing economies. For every new Instagram follower our Swarovski Foundation partner @buildanest gets until December 5, @Swarovski will donate $1 to the organization.
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