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It’s that season 🗣
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Have the Streets talking ! 🗣💔 focused on turning my ideas into ways to change lives @josueinferno 📰
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Intro • hook • Verse • Outro • History
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Heartbreak in Encino hills 💔 From Swaecation @rhymezlikedimez 🔥
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In with the new ••• ⏳
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Bought my first home been in the game 5 years been grinding for 15 it’s only going up from here YOUR HARD WORK IS GOING TO CATCH UP TO YOU !!!🏡 very excited one thing about life it can change at any moment , never think when your at a stand still that life is over . So many didn’t have faith you gotta stick it out wait on your moment MEMBERS ONLY BABY !!!!!! MTV cribs Hollar At me !! Take your shoes off at the door
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Bold but Subtle ❄️
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Clean cuts , See for yourself 💦❄️
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