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Remember to stop by your local Longo's store today or tomorrow to sample our delicious Stonemill Clearly Good Quinoa & Flax bread! Enjoy the delicious flavour and slight crunch with the benefit of 27g of whole grains per serving. Give it a try today!
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Mark your calendars! This Saturday and Sunday February 1st & 2nd you can give our Stonemill Clearly Good Quinoa & Flax a try at 30 Longo’s locations ( Make your weekend grocery haul more enjoyable with a free sample of our delicious Quinoa & Flax bread!
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Best wishes for Happy Holidays and a magnificent New Year! - - #stonemillslowcrafted #Stonemillbakehouse
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Our New Year’s Resolution? To say ‘NO a lot more! No artificial preservatives. No GMO ingredients. No artificial flavours. That’s our plan and we are proud to stick to it! - - #stonemillslowcrafted #Stonemillbakehouse
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Add something to your 2020 resolutions that you know you want to stick to. Organic, vegan friendly and heavenly makes for a triple win! - - #stonemillslowcrafted #Stonemillbakehouse
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Add some fibre to your breakfast with our Sprouted 3 Grains egg bakes. They're super easy to make and super delicious to munch. - - #stonemillslowcrafted #Stonemillbakehouse
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We are proud to have the backing of 100 years of tradition in developing great flavour! And as we head into a fresh decade — here’s to 100 more! - - #stonemillslowcrafted #Stonemillbakehouse
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Spread the happiness and joy that the holiday season brings. From our kitchen to yours – we wish you a wonderful Holiday Season! #Stonemillbakehouse #HappyHolidays
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