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Photographer @davideor94 shares a series of images that captures some architecture and street scenes using the #SonyAlpha a7R series cameras paired with various lenses. Swipe right to see the collection 👉 • • "The high dynamic range of the cameras allow me to shoot and catch the right light and details in every situation. Even at night, I don't need a tripod thanks to the image stabilization. Swipe to see them all and share below on which one is your favorite." #BeAlpha
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The moon over Glacier National Park in Montana captured by photographer @nateinthewild 🌙 “When shooting expansive landscapes, using a mid-range lens is a great perspective change. A bit of telephoto compression brings the subject closer, focuses the viewer’s eye and cleans up the landscape. Once you’ve scouted your location, it’s all about patience - envision the lighting and composition you want the most, and wait for the right moment!” | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 24-70mm F/2.8 GM | 56mm | f3.2 | 1/60 sec | ISO 100 | #BeAlpha
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📷: @mattyjameshopkins “Standing next to these silhouetted giants with a sea of stars leaves you feeling nothing but awe. That feeling magnifies when your screen lights up to reveal the scene in front of you. The vibrant air glow is just a cherry on top of the beautiful scene displayed." | #SonyAlpha a7R II | 16-35mm f4 | f4 | 25 sec | ISO 3200 | #BeAlpha
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On our last day of our adventure to Iceland, we had the opportunity to jump into 35° water and go free diving in the sea caves of Silfra. #AlphaCollective member @stevint captured this series using the RX0 II 👉 “An unforgettable experience diving in waters just above freezing while being between two continents. One of the most beautiful and mysterious places I have ever been to. Packing light was important with this trip, which is why I used the RXO II to shoot these underwater photos. Even at an ISO of up to 4000 on these shots I was still able to come away with useable images.” #AICdoesIceland #SonyRX
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📷: @braedin “This photo was taken on the south coast highway of Iceland. The 200-600mm allowed for extreme compression of the mountain range behind our Land Rover.” | #SonyAlpha a7R IV | 200-600mm G OSS | 450mm | f6.3 | 1/2000 | ISO 1600 | #BeAlpha #AICdoesIceland
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Photographer @MatthewHahnel shares this series of images captured in Iceland using the #SonyAlpha a7R IV. Share below which one is your favorite 😏 #AICdoesIceland • • “It’s been a blast rolling through Iceland with the Sony Alpha team for the past few days. We have seen towering waterfalls, ancient volcanoes, and colors that almost seem too vibrant to be real. I think the highlight so far has been a 2 hour flight above some of Iceland’s unique river systems and highlands. Having been to Iceland twice before it was pretty amazing to see these places from a fresh perspective.” #BeAlpha
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#AICdoesIceland Day 2: On our second day here in Iceland, we had the opportunity to hop on a plane and view this incredible country from above. Here are some aerial views of Maelifell captured by #AlphaCollective member @littlecoal 👉“Seeing Iceland from above has been a dream of mine, so to spend the morning shooting out an open plane window alongside good friends it was the highlight of our visit so far.” | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 24-70mm F2.8 GM | 24mm | F2.8 | 1/800 | ISO 320 | #BeAlpha
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We are currently on our #AICdoesIceland trip, a week long adventure exploring Iceland with ten #AlphaCollective members and @chrisburkard, and plan to share live all week long. On our first full day, we explored the Snaefellsnes peninsula, where @starvingphotographer was able to capture this incredible view 👉 “I love blending short and long exposures to give a sense of timelessness. In this shot, the scene was captured with the camera on a tripod, initially at 1/60 sec with the model. Then, the model stepped away, I placed a 10 stop ND filter on and recaptured the scene at 180 seconds. Later, I blended the person from the short exposure into the long exposure scene.” | #SonyAlpha a7R IV | 16-35mm F2.8 GM | 35mm | F5.6 | 1/60 and 180 sec | ISO 100 | #BeAlpha
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