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📸: @Oveck "For the past two weeks I challenged myself to use only one focal length to see how I can bring a different perspective to the way I photograph. Sony sent me the just announced 20mm 1.8 G lens to try out and I must say, I’m not one to shoot with a wide angle lens; it’s just not my thing, however I‘ve been pleasantly surprised how much use I’ve given this particular lens... from portraits, street photography to landscape." | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 20mm f/1.8 G | f/1.8 | 1/125 sec | ISO 2500 | #BeAlpha
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Get lost in this tropical timelapse captured in Mexico by #SonyAlphaFemale mentor @amberbaird during the recent Alpha Female Summit taken at the Generations Riviera Maya resort. Amber speaks to the summit where she and her Creator-In-Residence @kfa@kfair8 spent time developing a plan for Kristin's Alpha Female journey 👉 "When women come together we can go further than we ever dreamed alone. Our power rises when we lift each other up. In my mind that is the true purpose of Sony Alpha Female." #BeAlpha #GenerationsTogether • • Amber's mentee, Creator-in-Residence @kfair8, tells us 👉 "Connecting with my fellow Sony Alpha Female Creators-in-Residents, our mentors & the Sony team at our Summit gave me a renewed creative boost as I go into my next production. I am honored to be a part of this group of brave, inspiring, insightful & visionary creators!" (Check out the link in bio for more on this summit!)
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Rainy day adventures in London captured by #AlphaCollective member @tiffpenguin using the new 20mm F1.8mm G lens 👏👏 "Most people don’t look forward to a rainy day, but for a photographer it opens up an entire world of new perspectives that you wouldn’t normally see. Sony’s new 20mm F1.8mm G was the perfect lens for a day of exploring around the city. I was super impressed by the compact size and lightweight design of the lens. Its high-quality optical performance with an extremely wide aperture gives it amazing light gathering capabilities and makes this a beast of a lens." | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 20mm F1.8 G | #BeAlpha
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One of the first images taken with our just-announced 20mm F1.8 G lens captured by photographer and #SonyArtisan @colbybrownphotography 🤤🤤 Colby shares his initial thoughts on this new lens 👉 "With its small size, fast f/1.8 aperture and wide 20mm range, I couldn't think of a better place than the Lofoten Islands of Norway to test the new Sony 20mm lens. After watching the waves roll across the rocks, I found this small curve in the receding water that I thought would make for an interesting foreground. At 20mm, I knew I was going to be able to get a lot of sky in my frame and pairing it with a wide-open aperture of f/1.8, I was able to lower my ISO to 640 to minimize noise throughout the image. After using this lens for two weeks in Norway, I can safely say that it is now a permanent fixture in my gear bag any time I find myself shooting astrophotography." | #SonyAlpha a7R IV | 20mm F1.8 G | F1.8 | 6 sec | ISO 640 | #BeAlpha
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Introducing the all-new full-frame 20mm F1.8 G ultra-wide prime lens, the widest full-frame prime lens in our E-mount line-up yet! This new lens features exceptional resolution and bokeh, impressive lens design, and a compact, lightweight form factor, making it a great option for landscape, astro, and portrait photography, as well as video. (First image courtesy of @aroundq) Swipe to some of the first images taken with the 20mm F1.8 G lens 👉 • • “We’re driven by the needs of our customer and will continue developing the best tools to meet their creative ambitions. Our 56th E-mount lens, the new FE 20mm F1.8 G, is fast, lightweight and extremely versatile, giving creators yet another compelling tool to help realize their vision.” -Neal Manowitz, Deputy President of Sony Imaging Products and Solutions Americas • Visit the LINK IN BIO to learn more 👆 #SonyAlpha #BeAlpha
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Photographer @jamiemalcolmbrown shares this ice-cold view captured in Massachusetts ❄️❄️ Here's a tip to keep in mind as a landscape photographer👉 "Learn how the sun path changes position at a location throughout the year. The sun's position can dramatically change the way the light interacts at a location so figure out what time period of the year the sun is where you want it and hope the weather conditions cooperate." | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 17-28mm | 17mm | f/4 | 2.5 sec | #BeAlpha
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If you haven't smiled yet today, here's your chance 🦉 A little Pygmy owl, captured by photographer @andrewseeg using the a7R IV, who typically has to trek in the snow to find these little guys/gals to photograph👉 "I always look forward to winter as it's the easiest time of the year to find these Northern Pygmy Owls here in Utah. I've spent countless hours searching the mountains through deep snow and ice-covered roads for a fleeting glimpse of these little guys. They are typically lightning fast, so having an autofocus system that can keep up as well as utilizing single point focus modes are key to getting shots of them! Fast shutter speeds (1/1000 at minimum) are an absolute must to freeze them in place." | #SonyAlpha a7R IV | 400mm f/2.8 GM with a 1.4 Teleconverter | 560mm | f/4 | 1/1000 sec | #BeAlpha
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📷 : @m.visuals "Taking a train over the Landwasser Viaduct is such an incredible experience. Just after we went over the bridge, we entered this tunnel on the train. I wanted to get a reflection so it had this mirror effect. The closer you can get your camera to the glass, the clearer the reflection will be!" | #SonyAlpha a7R III | 16-35mm f2.8 GM | F8 | 1/640 | ISO 100 | #BeAlpha
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