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#Repost @tria_publishing_platform ・・・ Have a quick glimpse into "Maria Pomiansky: 100% Renaissance" – where she takes us on a tour of the neighborhood as she perceives and experiences it today. Maria created her urban portraits of Zurich West between 2013 and 2018, a part of town which is full of viaducts, logistic facilities and infrastructures, and at the same time it is in transformation, seeing the emergence of glamorous new buildings. #mariapomiansky #zurichwest #jomarchitects #triapublishingplatform
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Design of the logo and various printed materials for sonmas – a project by Serena Gadaleta and Maya Minder – workshops, catering and culinary around fermentation and bacteria. sonmas is a Korean word combination of son=hand and mas=taste. It lit. means the individual taste of one's kitchen. @gasthaus_kitchenlab
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Last day of @volumeszurich 🎉📚Have a look at Maria Pomianskys publication: "100% Renaissance" and her paintings about the transformation of Zurich West next to our other tria publications and the ones of our friends @boabooks_ @junglebookspublishing and #editionfink
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Poster for Scott William Rabys "Nomadic Platform for Eco-Economic Futures" at Aalborg Bæredygtighedsfestival in association with Kunsthal NORD. Pictures: Rikke Ehlers Nilsson
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Random, but related neighbors @offprint_projects in Paris last weekend
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・・・ We are in Paris at Offprint Artbookfair this weekend! Come and enjoy this beautiful building of #beauxartsparis and have a look at our publications and of our friends from @boabooks_ @junglebookspublishing and #editionfink 📚👋🏼
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Continuation of the poster series for @iprojectspace and their new exhibition "Yes, I love you" of @linyaokikiliu opening in Beijing tomorrow at 4pm ❤️🎉
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Continuation of the poster series for @iprojectspace and their new exhibition "Scenic Tunnel" ・・・ Excited for the opening of 'Scenic Tunnel' by Lengyue and Xiaoxiao opening 21st of July at I: project space this exhibition will mark the second part of their ongoing investigation into body and urban spaces. The project Teleport was developed in a first iteration at ii space and is part of the long-term project Beijing22 #lengyue #xiaoxiao #beijing22 #iprojectspace #iispace #tunnelvision big thanks to @sonjazagermann for the wonderful continuation of the poster series
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