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Happy chinese new year 2020 🧧🧨 #hairinspo
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Beautiful hair 🤩 cut & style by nami @ Golden lantern location in laguna Niguel
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Loose curls + fishtail braids by Shadi @ SAS by SDL in Costa Mesa ✨
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Galaxy project on the lovely @katysyhr 🌌 hair color by Melanie and haircut by Gabe .. swipe left to see the process ➡️
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#Repost @ocf@ocf@ocf@ocf@ocfashionweek with @make_repost ・・・ She always wanted to have blue highlights like Katy Perry or Dua Lipa. Today @socialdrylounge answered her call. Watch @katysyhr transform @ocfashionweek on this episode of #BrandtheBand #TeamKatySyhr by #SocialDryLounge @calibeachgirl11 Blue Ombré and Ballayage by @glamour_by__mel Cut by @hair_gabe BRANDTheBand is an all new program @ocfashionweek to support local emerging artists with an entourage of leading master stylists @ocfashionweek Stay Tuned for All New Episodes and then a live Concert performance on the Runways of @ocfashionweek you won’t want to miss !
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Hair for days 🙆🏽‍♀️ classic blowout by Maryam @SDL La Paz in Laguna Niguel
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Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy reminds us of the power one person holds to change the world. Today, we are inspired to stand up for justice, to speak out for equality, and to love others 💙💜🧡
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Color | style by Shar @ SDL LAPAZ in Laguna Niguel
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