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May this give you the feel of spring, if the weather isn’t. 🐣🌷
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Beautiful skies.
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A few weeks ago four of the Slagel siblings spent some time in Italy, and had to make a visit to the region the world’s best prosciutto comes from. We aren’t quite sure what will come out of this, but it may just be some Slagel dry-cured meats, and we can hardly wait!
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Did someone say bacon? 😋 I’d say that’s mouth-watering-worthy.
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We are currently planning our 2018 Farm Dinner Schedule & throwing around new thoughts and ideas. What would you like to see? What would you like to experience? If you’ve been before, what did you love? Or what did you not-so-much love? Let me know below, we’d like to here what you think 👇🏻
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These burgers probably have the smallest footprint of any burger you'll eat. Raised just 5 miles from Forrest at @slagelfamilyfarm processed here at Slagel Family Meats, and then cooked & served across the street at our very own @thecowcatcher ! How's that for fresh, local supply?!
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Dreaming of warm weather and green grass. ☀️
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This snow just gives all the beautiful, peaceful feels ❄️ we are looking ahead to the new year full of trust and confidence of what God has in store for us!
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