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Daze off w the guitars 🖤💙 mah beauts 😁 (I sneezed like 85 times before this)
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In case you haven’t heard, my latest single “Love Fiend” is now available to stream on ALL platforms. From SoundCloud to Spotify (that includes everything in between 💡). The music video link is in my bio 🎥 You can find this single itself on any platform under Savage Sapphy. Enjoy your first taste of brokenheartland 💔💙 This is just the beginning 🚨 #savagesapphy
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Rage is a quiet thing. @yelyahwilliams #simmer
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Ppl keep tellin me that they want me to wear my hair down more often and I swear I’m tryin 🙄 issa love hate relationship with this long hair lol
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Getting more of my sleeve done today 💉😃💙 Can’t wait to see this guy
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New drinking game: Drink every time you notice a synchronicity (it’s been happening a lot lately) Stream “Love Fiend” by Savage Sapphy 💙
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Stream “Love Fiend” by Savage Sapphy Available on every major streaming platform 🎁 And watch the music video (link in my bio) 😁💙 #lovefiend #brokenheartland #savagesapphy #rap #hiphop #rnb #poprap #newsong #musicvideo #honestmusic #linkinbio
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Happy Valentine’s Day from me & my legs 💙
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