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Had to hit up zoo culture while in LA😤 Got to meet the man @bradleymartyn hopefully I can catch up to him someday lol • Appreciate all you guys who came out to the @bpnsupps pop up shop today, had a great time out here, too bad I gotta head back tomorrow!😩
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Throwback to Venice beach over the summer because that’s where I’m headed back out to right now🙌 • If you guys are gonna be out at the @bpnsupps pop up shop tomorrow I’ll see you out there, let’s goo!!
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BACK IN THE GYM w/ @alenefit 🔥 Little @alphalete vs. @buffbunny_collection competition going on here Who did it better though?🤔
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Well you win a few you lose a few. Need to regroup and come back better next week lol • Anyways I’m definitely about to be crazy sore tomorrow, that’s the most I’ve actually ran in a while😂
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A lot of big decisions have been happening lately🤔a lot of career changing, potentially life changing decisions. BUT definitely a reason for these decisions, and I’m absolutely pumped for what comes next✊ sounds kinda cliche, but realistically following your passion and taking that risk is gonna drive you way further and quite honestly it’s gonna be a lot more fun!🙌 • I talk all about it in my new YouTube video, so go check that one out if you haven’t yet🙏 Appreciate you guys!
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Need to get an Ohio State version of these red @alphalete stringers🤔 • MLK day today, no class, gotta take advantage of the extra day🤙feeling pretty solid today though, I feel like the overall quad tendinitis is starting to go away and we can actually start squatting some significant weight again lol hit 525 squat today which actually felt really good, let’s keep this thang going😤
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Me seeing all these guys benching 405 and deadlifting 700 trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong😂 Time to step my game up for real✊ • Hope everyone’s having a chill, productive Sunday! Less than a week till the @bpnsupps pop up shop in LA haha pumped to see everyone and for some warmer weather🙌
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Finished up the first full training week of college nationals prep this week, got a new gym membership, starting to get into the flow of school this semester✊solid week, Hope everyone has a solid Friday man🔥
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