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22yrs ago, I was blessed to find my soul mate, knight in shining armor. The man God intended me to have in my life. @markhafenbreadl has been surprising me through out those years in so many different ways. But, this one! Well, let's just say, he's gonna have a hard time topping this one. I love you so much馃挆馃挆馃挆 . . #bestxmaspresentever #omg #mynewride #anditswhite #sosurprised
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Still shaking my head... #GW #GG #really
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I am so proud of this guy @jacksonroloffhafenbreadl Your growth in musicality, dynamics and the emotional interpretation of "Nothingness" made me smile. Nothing is better than watching you completely loose yourself in your dance. Keep shining Jax. Congrats to all the insanely talented studios here @jumpdance your students have inspired @larkindancestudio @summitdanceshop. . #inspired #thankful #blessed #youronlycompetitionisyourself #livelovedance @starsdanceco @angelarmas @victorsmalley
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When you start out, just taking a pic of your long island ice tea, and get distracted by this cutie @lexieroloffhafenbreadl 馃挆馃挆馃挆
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My tired but happy crew. Minneapolis here we come馃挆 . . #jumpminneapolis #dancethenfamilytime #wisconsinweek #earlythanksgiving #familyanddance馃挆
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Why? Because I deserve it. . . I'm always doing for someone else, so it's me time. And I do not feel guilty馃挆馃挆
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