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Prime100 ambassador 13 week old @maverick_swiss_shepherd refuses to look at the camera with Prime100 products in the background due to being washed. 30 minutes prior he was filthy from mud.
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#follow @maverick_swiss_shepherd Prime100 fed Maverick puppy milestone.. 13kg today πŸ•πŸΎ Looking good!
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Follow @maverick_swiss_shepherd Breakfast for champions! He knows he cannot touch his food until given the "you can have it" words are said. He loves his Prime100 SPD Specialised RAW.
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Follow @maverick_swiss_shepherd Maverick thinks "You sit on chairs, I sit on chairs... 😈" Maverick is powered by Prime100
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The awesome team at Petbarn Bayswater use Prime100!
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@maverick_swiss_shepherd Dinner! @prime100petfood 400g SPD Specialised RAW Chicken SPD ZeroG Puppy Chicken 50g
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Update for Maverick and Kaiser. Maverick 12 weeks, Kaiser 540 weeks LOL... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€β€ IG @maverick_swiss_shepherd
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follow @maverick_swiss_shepherd I Just picked up food for Maverick and Kaiser. @prime100petfood Specialised Single Protein Diets. Perfect for growing large breed dogs!#prime100 #vetrecommended #vicpol #germanshepherds #swissshepherd
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