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Surf checks with the lady, the legend, the legs @amberandfriendsphotography . They say a weekend well spent brings a week of content, but I reckon if they knew just how well this weekend’s been spent, they’d say actually it brings a week of recovering from severe sunburn and a few too many sundowners. Luckily Pixie is around to fix both the sunburn and the hangover, with wellness-packed bowls that can be consumed conventionally (through the mouth) or smothered all over your blistering bod for instant relief.
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If you’re looking for a sign that you need to get down to Pixie this weekend, this is it. No but really, it’s our footpath sign, a handy list of all the good things at Pixie. It seems to work a treat: nobody can walk by without stopping for a banana. If you do intend to walk by, however, we must warn you that you may need to slightly alter your path to avoid walking into the sign. The footpath is double width and unless you are only able to move in perfectly straight lines very close to the road you should be able to handle it, but we recently had a woman get very angry about the fact that our footpath sign was on the footpath and she had to walk around it. She got angrier when I asked her how she was going to navigate the upcoming corner, which wasn’t really taken as the joke that it was meant to be and we’ll probably get the police coming around again. We have since moved the sign as far out of the way as possible and would like to sincerely apologise to this woman and offer her a banana of peace
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Daydreaming about sitting on a sturdyish swing attached to a coconut palm, gently bobbing in the warm breeze thinking about whether to have the banana pancakes before or after the smoothie bowl. Instead I stand at the coffee machine watching the rain and thinking we really must put banana pancakes on the menu
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Following our last post about crack pie, we got a visit from the local boys in blue. As you can see, the constabowl (ha) is thoroughly investigating the matter - it’s good to see how committed they are to keeping the villagers safe. We should probably take this opportunity to clarify that while we love a good gag about illegal substances, there are absolutely none in our food. Just the drinks
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The buttercup, fondly known around here as crack pie because of it’s highly addictive properties. And also the cocaine inside. I’ve been working on a rap song about the buttercup for a while, it’s called Ode to the Buttercup. If you ask nicely and pay me I might perform it. It still needs polishing but so far it goes: What’s up, buttercup, you lookin’ so fine I considered sharing but nope, you’re all mine I’d spoon you all day, if only I could But then I’d get fat, and that wouldn’t be good You’re rich, dark and smooth - Will Smith in a bowl My stomach was empty, but you’re filling that hole (Instrumentals, Hannah’s saxophone riff leading into the chorus) I want you, I need you, all up in my grill Give me your butter, give me my fill Without you I’m empty, hungry and sad And I write songs about you which are fucking bad
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Happy New Ears! Here’s a rare sighting of not one, but two wild Pixies in their natural habitat, which felt like the only logical place to be after a couple of gins and a chaotic end to 2019. Taken 24 hours ago, it’s also the last time I saw Hannah, though multiple reports of a large but elflike disco Leopard sifting around Te Mata Peak give me confidence that she’s alive and well. I’m sure I speak for both of us when I say we hope you all entered the new decade with a hiss and a roar, or at least a little bit of excitement for the sparkly new year ahead. We’ve got some pretty cool plans for little Pixie in the coming months, which we’ll be getting started on just as soon as I locate the elflike sifty disco leopard, which shouldn’t be hard seeing as she’s dressed entirely in high vis
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Tomorrow’s a big day folks - it’s your last chance to get your Pixie fixie for the year. We’re open from 8am until we run out. Not run out of supplies, run out as in literally sprint out the door toward the nearest synthy house chuuuuune and ridiculously strong yet surprisingly refreshing beverage when the clock strikes middayish, so best get in early to line those tummies with some nutrients in a last-ditch attempt at ending the year as the best version of yourself. We’re taking a couple days off post-festivities to re-align our chakras and set our intentions for 2020, back at it Friday 3 January for New Year New You.
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Start your Satday the right way, with a stroll then a bowl. A view then a brew. A walk up the hilly then a phish philly (that’s one of our bagel names, brilliant). A gentle reminder that there are just 4 sleeps left in 2019, or if you’re Hannah, 1 sleep and a series of short power naps. Make these last days count, because the next decade is coming soon and it’s gonna be full noise. How do I know? Well I have 20/20 vision. Ahhhthankyou
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