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PARKS PLACE VOLG FINALE FOR 2019-2020 SEASON. LINK IS IN @phillywill11 BIO. Thank you for all of your support. Don’t forget to go to willparks34.com/shop for your latest gear! Parks Place YOUTUBE channel is up! Watch and subscribe!
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PARKS PLACE ADVENTURES PRESENTS: Feb 28th to March 1st I will be hosting my first ever Philadelphia High School Football Defensive Back Summit. I will be choosing 15 of the top db’s in the surrounding area. Last day to submit you videos which shall be no longer then 3 mins will be Feb 1st. Please submit all tape to [email protected] and I repeat everything is paid for and included. It will be a 2 night 3 day stay in a hotel with food, transportation to and from facilities, hotel, and sites we will visit. Kids will be encouraged through unique drills, improvement panels, film study, academic standings, life skills, and much more. Nobody else is doing this especially for high school kids. Regardless of class please submit tape. Let’s go. FREE with only the best of the best. Other NFL Players will in attendance. NFL DB’s to be exact. Don’t wanna miss this one. I guarantee you that. @par@parksplaceadventures @parksplaceadventures <— Follow for the latest updates regarding the DB SUMMIT.
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For my #sup#supercoralplay, I’m helping the ocean by riding a bike instead of driving. I challenge @vonmiller @chrisharrisjr and @aqibtalib21 to make one too. Help raise awareness of the damage being done to our coral reefs by making your own #supercoralplay. Share it using the hashtag and invite 3 friends to join. For more info, check out www.supercoralplay.org
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Did you know almost all oceans’ coral will be gone by 2040 if we don’t make a change now? We can’t let that happen, so I decided to team up with the #SuperCoralPlay movement and you should too! To learn more, go to www.supercoralplay.org
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Broncos Country you guys are amazing! I really appreciate you guys with all my heart! Good or bad you guys have always showed tremendous love for me and my family! We finished strong this year! Drew is that guy! Everybody on our team is relentless! They work hard and they appreciate each other! They stuck with the plan and kept moving! It has been an awesome year dispute not making the playoffs! Something special is on the rise! I love y’all! Thank you for an amazing year and Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!
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Merry Christmas to everybody in the world! Happy Holidays as well! I appreciate each and every single last soul who supports me! “PARKS PLACE VOL 4” just dropped on YouTube earlier today! Go check it out now! Link in bio! Merry Xmas y’all! 🎥 @austinbrink
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I’ll always remain me. No matter the circumstances. No matter the conditions. I’ll always remain me. There is nothing else better then being yourself. Nothing. Continue to go hard. <— Note to self.
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