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Thank you Alaska for a wonderful trip, @sebastianlightfoot Thank you for making it happen, you’re a joy to work with.
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Thank you @oxfordhairacademy for a lovely morning, thank you Casey for being a great model. ❤️ @hanzoedu @hanzonation @joenati_sheardaddy #sheardaddy
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What a fabulous morning with the wonderful students and faculty of International Institute of Cosmetology
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Working with one of my favourite people on the planet Jay Downing, Ohio I’m looking forward to seeing you this weekend. ❤️ https://www.eventbrite.com/o/jay-downing-17644832239 #hanzonation #hanzoedu #hairnerd
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Hello this is Oscar so excited to be In Your area, please come visit me in the following cities: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/joe-brown-17607979060 #hanzonation #hanzoedu #hairnerd
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A huge thank you to Vanguard College of Slidell A Paul Mitchell Partner School, you were so gracious in hosting Chris Swain and I this morning, thank you Helena for making me look good. ❤️ #hanzo #hanzoedu #hanzonation #paulmitchell
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CHICAGO “America’s Beauty Show” No better person to work with than Cole, a true master, and a classy gentleman. #hanzoedu #hanzonation #colethompson
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