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Happy birthday Diksha! Socha pehle koi acha sa Message likhu phir socha chodo itni bhi importance kyu deni 😂😎
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DUS Bahane was and will always be my favorite Song! ❤️ Comment which song should be Next?
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Comment if you know the story behind this Picture?😁
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Make sure that you don't need no mentions Yeah, these are my only intentions😉
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Happy Valentine’s Day to Mom for being my First Valentine when I was Kid (for you i will always be)🌹, Happy Valentine’s Day to My Sisters who taught me how to respect any relationship with pure Heart and Happy Valentine’s Day to Vamily jinka Pyaar ne Itna Kaabil kar Diya ke main zameen pe reh kar Sitaro ki tarah Chamak ne laga...❤️Pyaar toh bhout tarah ka hota hai par Pyaar ko samjhne ka Tarika Sirf ik hi hota hai Dil se Dil tak...Happy Valentine’s Love you all ❤️
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That’s My Pind Yaara..❤️
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Hope you loved the Vlog! Comment your Favourite part Vamily..!!
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Hainji Kida? 😉
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