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Watch the full length video on my media page @michaelmauricephotography I had the opportunity and pleasure to shoot this promotional video for the @brunswickboxingstars gym. Make sure you check them out if you're in the area. #video #media #commercial #promo #promotionalvideo #ad #videographer #videography #cinematography #cinematographer #boxing #gym #fitness #health #martialarts
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Still at work.....to be continued #Focused #Dedicated #Working #Fitness #Exercise
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It was great seeing everyone come out last night to the premiere of "The Underground". Big congratulations and respect to @gsmitty3 and @d.raysor_ for putting this movie together and putting on a premiere event like last night. Thanks for entrusting me to work the camera and edit on your "baby". My assistant on this project behind the lens @althebrandman much respect to you for bringing your talents and ideas to the table. To the entire cast... good work! @itstaaj @suunnnlight @quacooley and everyone else thanks for sharing your talents. Only we know what it took to pull this together! Be proud of your work. #respect
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*** The Underground ***
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UPDATE: TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT!! For those that wanted to know when the movie I shot and edited would be released here is the info for the screening. Seating is limited so get your tickets now. I believe there may only be around 30 left. #cinema #movie #film #actors #independentfilms
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Haircut ☑️ Another workout ☑️ Tryna get back.
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If you know me, then you know that I'm of the mindset that if you're going to do something, do it right, and put your all into it. Whether I'm hired to do a job for a lot of money, a little, or I'm doing it for free, people know they are going to get the same "me". I believe that's a sign of integrity and your work will always follow and represent you. How much more when I consider this scripture should everything I do be done with passion, excellence (not perfection), a good attitude, and more? Knowing that my work isn't just a representation of me, or a reflection of me working hard for approval, recognition, or promotion from man, but truly a service to God himself, I strive even more! If I can't give my all to something, then I would rather not do it. Don't let 💰, approval, or anything of the like determine the effort you put into what you do. Know that what God sees yields a return that no amount of money can match. *"Whatever your hands find to do, do it as to God" #God #Jesus #inspiration #scripture #bible #work #excellence
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What can I say about last night? I think it's one of those times when people ask you, "how was it" and no matter how you try to explain it they will never truly understand unless they were there! Something's you just can't explain, especially in the spirit realm. Thanks to @jmjrphoto for the amazing images📷
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