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- every chapter has its ending I made this edit almost a year ago today... seems a little weird posting this now but I felt like this video kind of represents what I will be saying. I just wanted to say that I will no longer be posting video edits on here. For me, life ever since early-2019 hasn't been the best. I've went through and am still going through a lot of stressful and hard situations. I tried to keep going, but I realized that I'm not a strong person. What's hard to me might not be hard to you. I just easily get overwhelmed. I'm alsk growing up, I have more priorities now. If you guys didn't know, I make music edits. Both posting video and music edits really wore me out. On top of that, my inspiration to edit videos have slowly faded, as you all witnessed. It's lowkey kinda hard writing this because this account is literally the reason for the many things I have today... and that's all of you! 😭 I want to thank and appreciate all of you for being here with me and always supporting me with every video I post. You guys have taught me lots of lessons and made me who I am today. I'll never forget you all ❤ By the way, I will be transforming this account into my music account [Moonlight Records] if you guys don't mind... I'm keeping all the posts on here. ac: @moonlight.mashups (HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY BXBES ❤ I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY LUV) #omgpage #omgariana
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~ issues dt: everyone that still supports me no matter what 💕 i lowkey had a little motivation to edit last week and i was planning on posting this sooner... but yeah anyways pray that i get more inspiration (maybe y'all could tag some editors that inspire you in the comments) #omgpage
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i thought it'd be ok to do a face reveal on my bday so here ya go 😭 don't bully me i already know all the bad things y'all are about to say... anyways wow i'm kinda proud of this edit it's so simple and the audio> 😭❤ my personal is @kyledabrenica btw x
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i wanna be the one dt: @gabivfx @moonlight.mashups @grande.mashups @dxngerouschic @qu1rkyth0t @butcramoonlight @avngerss @jellovfx and everyone STILL following me, i love you 😭 i forgot whose audio this is sorryyy
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hey i'm back!! this isn't a comeback edit but it's something.. hope you guys like it ♡ my ac and cc!
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wishing happiness would last
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we ✈ going back to my old theme dt: everyone who still follows me ily
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