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This nigga @fatboy_sse won’t even let me get a cut in peace #bringitback #fatboygang
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Friday 21 cortland street edison pull up
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Niggas keep taking shots at me in the comments pull up right now #lol #lmao #bringitback
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baddies at the after party @southmob_getlit
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By looking at his shirt yall would see his heart is full of love I don't know where to start but this my bro right here always been by my side since day I met him through hard times personal times even at times when I took a leap of faith to better my life and ended up homeless @darius_dk was there for me no emotional shit just real I love my brother thanks for being there and being #tentoesdown besides my mom and pops my bro done the most for me in life this realist shit I ever wrote love u my nigga
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Message of the day look at the bright side of situations it could be worst
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