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Sundays🖤 The one day of the week I don’t set an alarm and try not to make any plans. (It doesn’t always work out that way but I really do try) I get my easy recovery miles in and spend the day at a slower pace, unlike the other 6 days of the week. It’s a good way to embrace the calm and reset a little before the madness of a new week starts back up again; something much needed with everyone’s crazy hectic schedules and especially in the midst of a training cycle.
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#SundayRunday recovery miles with Troy left me feeling much better! Week 3 was a tough one. Finished up with 25 miles including 4 strength sessions at @anatomielife, 2 speed workouts, and a swim day. 9 weeks to go! . . Also, Ellie J begged me to come with us and push her in the @bobgearus but after having not run with her in over 2 years, today was definitely not the day to try it again🤣 #halfmarathontraining #teamrelentlessrunners
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Life’s short, run fast. And run fast I did. My legs were dead but this morning’s long run workout was crushed 🙌🏻 5 miles easy 2 miles @@ 8:30-8:35 [ 8:28, 8:26 ] .5 miles easy 1.5 miles @ 8:15-8:20 [ 8:10, 8:14 ] 1 mile easy TOTAL: 10 miles // 9:55 avg. pace Followed by strength at @anatomielife. And at the end of Sculpt, @eileen.fitzgibbons asked us to think of one win from the workout. My win? Getting through it! Wasn’t perfect but it doesn’t have to be because I pushed through after that hard run and got it done. #StrongerForIt always. #teamrelentlessrunners #lifesshortrunfast #loveyouranatomie #longrunsaturday
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I am FOREVER grateful for all the support this community has brought me, especially in the past 2+ years, advocating and raising awareness for #postpartumdepression — a topic near and dear to my heart. Next Saturday’s Yoga for a Cause at the @thehotyogaspot is something I am extremely excited about! + the fact that it sold out (40 people!!) is so unbelievably humbling. I am so glad I have gotten involved with @everymomcounts and proud to be an ambassador; fighting to make this world better for every mother out there and in honor of my amazing friend Kristin. To every single one of you who has written me a message, commented, cheered me on, donated, ran the #believetorunknt with us, and showed your support in any other way, I am forever thankful. And to all the businesses who have supported these events and donated items, like @brittanymahannah & @carolsconfections with these beautiful cookies, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 #bethechange #everymothercounts #runteamemc
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This picture popped up on my time hop today and was taken about 13 years ago, circa Junior Year, college Mellan — #realtalk — the person I look back on and cringe. Why? Because even though I looked and seemed happy most of the time, I was suffering heavily from depression and anxiety, in a toxic relationship, literally tearing myself apart day in and day out, and hiding it all. Looking back now, in college, I should have gotten help SO much sooner. Instead I was forced to see a therapist (thankfully) after a traumatic experience (which I still have nightmares about) while I was still in denial about my mental illnesses. And I look back now and it makes me SO sad to think about how ashamed I was and how desperate I was to hide it from everyone. I allowed people to think I was “crazy” and honestly felt like I was worthless. All because I was struggling, surrounding myself with some of the wrong people, doing toxic things to hurt myself even more, not knowing how to handle it all, and couldn’t speak up for the help I needed. It took me almost 11 years to start owning who I was. And it has been a LONG and hard journey to get here. Unfortunately it took my battle with #postpartumdepression and losing a dear friend to it to finally open up and speak my truth. But I will tell you this — aside from being scary and anxiously pressing the post button on every single one of these messages, scared of the initial feedback, it’s been therapeutic and freeing — no longer having to hide my struggles and who I really am just to paint that “perfect” picture and show others I’m not “crazy”. So today, I ask you to share your truth; to choose to #fightintheopen and help #endthestigma surrounding mental illness. Besides, we are all in this together. And I really do believe these weaknesses we see in ourselves and have tried so hard to hide are what truly makes us stronger. Don’t be ashamed. Own who you are. Don’t let others make you feel inferior for your struggles. Realize you are stronger for it all🖤
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When those Friday vibes hit hard... #TGIF #girlpower
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Another Thursday swim-day in the books.... and I am TIRED. For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been doing 3 strength classes, a run, and a track workout Mon-Weds so these Thursday’s in the pool have been refreshing before Friday rest day 🙌🏻 #strongereveryday #swimmingisharderthanrunning
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Giveaway closed! You all know my love for @fre@freskincare and now it’s time for a fun #giveaway! The #DetoxMe mask. It’s an awesome clearing mask, especially refreshing after a hard workout. It’s gentle yet purifies and exfoliates the skin, leaving your skin feeling super fresh after — only way to really describe it. [I use it about 1-2x a week and I swear it’s helped with my blemishes too] Here’s how to enter to win a free Detox Me: 1. Follow @freskincare and me, @mellank! 2. Tag a friend! (every friend tagged will equal one entry – one tag per entry) Winner will be randomly selected and announced via IG story on Sunday, January 23rd, at 5pm-ish! Good luck!!! & stay tuned next week for another great #freskincare deal using code MELLANK. #freyoursweat #loveyourglow #motherrunner
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