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🔥YOOOO!!🔥 Just Recorded The Final Song For This E.P. Let Me Start By Saying @fruitionbeats Has Some Of The Most Soulful Funky I Don’t Even Know How To Describe Them Beats!! Secondly..I’m Not “Rapping About Rap” On This I Feel It’s Some Of My Most Thought Provoking Lyrics To Date.. Can’t Wait Till It’s Mixed And You Guys Get To Enjoy This!! #BlessUp
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🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽 💫🌎[email protected]🌎💫 For ALL Your "Rappity-Rap" Needs!! #SeriousInquiriesOnlyPlease #blessup
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🗓#Tbt🗓 With My Big Bro’s And Early Mentors @mcshan1 @marleyskills Q.B.
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“All Through The Years My 🎙 🎤 Has Been My Best Friend” (c)Phife Dawg R.I.P. (we got the jazz) 🌞Good Morning🌞 (Now Go Kick Today’s Ass!!) #BlessUp
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Thank You To @t19_lvct For Her Kind Word’s About Us Meeting At This Show...(and the cool 📸) “When I met you in CT last summer you were honest and funny! I was looking for a ninja smoke spot and found you! I asked you what bugs you about a show? You said when you realized you could’ve said something better! I said great show! You said,thanks! I just stood up there and screamed at ya’ll for 20 minutes! I was rolling! I know the industry and was surprised your the first to ever say that! Don’t worry it’s a secret! I laugh now when I see someone just screaming at me! Lol Have a great day BOSS! ~T19” Your Support Is DEFINITELY Appreciated🤞🏽
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🌞Good Morning🌞 I’m Sure Most Of The People That Know Me Personally Can Attest To This... Thank You!!🙏🏽 #BlessUp
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💫🌎[email protected]🌎💫 For ALL Your "Rappity-Rap" Needs!! #SeriousInquiriesOnlyPlease #blessup
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