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Meghan Barkle and Prince Hairy
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I’ve spent too much stoner time trying to find the right place to shoot my new @ateliermvm_ glass vase. So I’m just plagiarizing the beautiful pic by @matthias_vriens_mcgrath Dank je!!!
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A chance encounter between @julianflei , whom I’ve known, begrudgingly, since I was 14, and @tkromelis ,who is my favorite person. Julian is working his patented middle eastern terrorist from a 1970s thriller look. Thaddeus is being gay friendly, bless his heart.
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Such a treat getting gifts from people who know me all too well @leeledbetter @stinky_rat @jamiebushco
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Teenage Bluma Rus (née Guterman) in Poland
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Atelier MVM by Matthias Vriens McGrath is chic AF. Plus there’s a gym next door with a veritable cornucopia of hot dudes. Win win. @matthias_vriens_mcgrath
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