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We began this touring cycle just over 6 months ago when @aftertheburial took us to the USA for what was to be our largest US tour to date. Respectively, we ended this touring cycle yesterday in Australia with our good friends in ATB along with support from our good mates in @saviouraustralia & @gravemindau for what was to be our biggest Australian tour. Thank you to all who were involved, and to all who came. We are taking the next few weeks off before flying to LA to record our fourth studio album. LOADING PLEASE WAIT 🎥: @andrewmuller_ 📷: @cianreally
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Holy hell Newcastle, that was absolutely freaking nuts. What a way to kick off Jayas birthday too. 📷: @cianreally
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Wow, Sydney we've never felt that type of energy from you before. We have been throwing up lots of iPhone footage from people on our stories so thank you! Newcastle, we're en route see you in a hot minute! Also, congratulations to @georgiamaygalea on being the winner of our @officialjacksonguitars competition 🥇🎉 📷: @cianreally
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En route to Canberra 📷: @elgin_huang_jiale
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HOW WE FEELIN' 🎥: @cianreally
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